Follow this link for tickets to the Hamilton event.

Microbirth Manukau

Wednesday, 15th October 2014 at 10am

This film shows that happens during childbirth has implications for the future health of our children and potentially for the whole of mankind.

To obtain a ticket please go to


Our phone the booking line is 0800 BUY TIX.

Ticket cost: $10.

Plenty of accessible parking and pram access (babies welcome). 

PAST Events

Microbirth Auckland Premiere

6pm, Sunday 21st September at Berkeley Takapuna.

“Birth as an Involuntary Process”  at Earthsong on Tuesday 19th November; 10am till 12md

Home Birth Aotearoa Art Competition.


International Women’s Day 2013 – Friday 8th March screening of Face of Birth

Previous Auckland screenings of Freedom For Birth

Please send me a message if you are interested in helping to hold a screening of “Freedom for Birth” in your locality, thank you
Denise Hynd

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  • jawahir says:

    Would life to see screening/s on the north shore. Thank you for your activism towards our natural gift birthing. Im sure your familiar with world renown OBGYN Christiane Northrup books e.g Women’s bodies womens wisdom . Her weekly free sessions on is a breath of fresh air . Much love, light and blessings

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Nothing in life is to be feared it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more so we can fear less. — Marie Curie
The greatest joy is to become a mother; the second greatest is to be a midwife. — Norwegian proverb
All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward. — Ellen Glasgow
I can promise you that women working together - linked, informed and educated - can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet. — Isabel Allende
We need to have their hearts before we can open their minds. — Dr Gordon Neufeld
A loving heart is the truest wisdom. — Charles Dickens
Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength. — Barbara Katz-Rothman
No other natural bodily function is painful and childbirth should not be an exception. — Grantly Dick-Read
Trust children. Nothing could be more simple, or more difficult. Difficult because to trust children we must first learn to trust ourselves and most of us were taught as children we could not be trusted. — John Holt
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