Midwifery Services

The UK Birthplace Study and NZ comparisons are the latest in a growing list of international research to show that SAFE, gentle, natural and satisfying birth is most likely to happen at home, or in a free standing, primary unit, even for first time mothers. This is because these settings and being with a midwife who is experienced in physiological labour cares aids the flow of a woman’s crucial labour and birth hormones. Thus, these birth places are now the UK recommendation for healthy women.
This was my experience through four decades of midwifery practices in the UK, Papua New Guinea, Australia and Aotearoa-New Zealand. Thus I was a midwife who promoted, encouraged and supported  women to birth either at home or in primary unit. However I will not be practising as a midwife from 31st March, 2017, but I recommend women consider engaging other midwives who practise as I did such as;

Pregnant women should review diet and lifestyle choices as well as become informed regarding their maternity care choices through reading either;

And consider attending a meeting of the Auckland Homebirth Community Group at MAMA Maternity in Sandringham or Hub West –  details or times can be found on their FB page. to meet women who have had SAFE, gentle, natural and satisfying births at home.

Also I will answer any questions from readers of this website.

I am considering starting Childbirth Preparation classes next year but meanwhile I recommend Intuitive Birth  or Birthworks classes

Happy Birthings,

Denise Hynd